Jobs for Michigan

As an employer for the past 28 years here in our district I know first hand what it takes to create real jobs in our communities. This is the number one issue facing Michigan's strained economy.

Private Property Rights

Many of our land owners in the state depend on their land as a source of income in retirement years. We must protect private property rights so each owner can use their land they have spent years paying taxes on and maintaining. Many land use restrictions go too far and ultimately devalue their land.

Land use restrictions should only be considered after the opinions of those affected are considered. Local units of government should give direction on how land is restricted. We can experience growth and at the same time maintain the natural beauty Michigan has to offer.

Right to Life

There is no middle ground for me on this issue. It is not up to us as a society to decide if we can take a human life. This is God’s gift to create a new life. We need to make sure we do not lose sight of this. It is not up to any human being to choose who lives and who dies.

Second Amendment The Right to Bear Arms

Hunting and our 2nd Amendment rights are not only a large part of our state’s economy, they are a part of our national heritage. My father started taking me hunting when I was three years old, and we continued the tradition until the last year before he passed away. I am proud member of the NRA. By educating our youth on the use and safety of owning a firearm, I believe we will be able to pass this heritage on to the next generation. It’s a sad fact that irresponsible and uneducated people who misuse guns give all gun owners a bad name. We cannot allow these irresponsible people to reflect on the majority of responsible gun owners. We need to protect our constitutional rights. I believe that bad people kill other people. Not guns.

Health Care

Affordable health insurance is a basic quality of life each citizen has to expect. I know first hand how sky rocketing prices affect the pocketbooks of individuals and businesses. As a business owner, I have been providing health care to my employees for several years, but at great cost. I recognize that a growing number of small businesses can no longer afford to offer this benefit to their employees. National HealthCare is not the answer. I believe we need to work to repeal and replace this legislation with legislation that makes health care available and affordable to all. Let’s make a real effort to reform medical malpractice litigation and work together to open competition in the insurance industry across state borders.

Family Values

With all the challenges we face as a society, family values are the key to maintaining our way of life in America. Being married for 38 years I realize what commitment is all about. Our children need to have that family structure in place to prosper in life. With two grown daughters and grandchildren, I am fortunate to have seen our children turn into responsible adults who contribute to the community in which they live.

It is so important that we maintain the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Respect, honor and authority are something that is accomplished by example. We as parents must set the example for not only our own children, but for those children who may not have a sound family structure.


No new taxes should be created. One of our biggest factors in keeping jobs in Michigan is the taxation of business profits. A supermajority vote in the legislature should be required to raise a tax or to create a new one. It is my belief that taxes should be shared amongst all segments of society.


The future of Michigan depends on our children and education is the key. Each child should have the right to a quality education. We need to make sure that schools are held accountable for the quality of education they are providing. Competitiveness goes a long way towards accountability.

First and foremost, the majority of each education tax dollar spent needs to go to the classroom. Proposal A made great strides in solving some of the inequities in school funding, but we still need competitiveness in school districts to drive the level of education higher.


I cannot stress enough how strongly I feel that Michigan’s future in Agriculture is critical to our economic success and wellbeing. We need to capitalize on our robust agricultural technologies to help create the alternative fuels necessary to reduce our dependencies on foreign oil. We need to help Michigan farmers market their products in a manner that allows Michigan to be a real player in the World Marketplace. Buy Michigan Grown First!



Helping Veterans

Proud helping those who dedicate their lives to protecting the freedoms we cherish.