Bruce R. Rendon

Bruce Rendon has been actively involved in the building business and building association leadership roles for many years. Bruce Rendon started in the building business under his father and mentor, Rigoberto Rendon. He became a licensed builder in 1978 and earned his associates degree from Ferris State University in Architectural Design and Drafting. Bruce started actively working in the building industry in 1971 and joined Blink Lumber Company, where he remained for 11 years. Bruce says his Blink experience was invaluable in his being able to go into the building business with a partner in 1982 and then launching his own building business in 1991 in Lake City. Now, as owner and operator of Rendon Quality Construction, Inc., Bruce has been a local employer in the district for 30 years.

Bruce’s communication skills serve him well in a number of leadership positions. He was the President of his Local HBA three times, the Northwest Michigan HBA. He was a Regional Vice President for two years and a presidential appointee to the Executive Committee for a few years before being elected as the MAHB’s Secretary/Treasurer. As Treasurer of the MAHB, Bruce oversaw a $1.9 Million budget. While moving up the leadership ladder at the MAHB, Bruce held the position of legislative chair which exposed him to many different legislative initiatives moving through the Michigan Legislature. In 2004, Bruce served as President of the Michigan Association of Home Builders, the third largest State Building Association in the country. Today, Bruce continues to be a Life Director, a voting member of the Executive Board of Directors, voting member of the Legislative Committee, and a voting member of the Insurance Committee at MAHB.

In addition to leadership positions with his local association and the MAHB, Bruce has had leadership roles dealing with his other passion besides building: raising and showing Jersey cattle. Bruce started Renmoor Jersey Farm in 1988, and has owned Registered Jersey cattle for 38 years. He has extensively marketed his breeding stock by showing his cattle at such prestigious shows as the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconson, the All American Jersey Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Canada. Locally, he has been named Premier Breeder and Exhibitor of Jersey cattle at Michigan State Jersey shows and has been an exhibitor at the Ohio State Fair for many years. Bruce is recognized as an official dairy cattle judge at county, state, and international dairy shows. This success has created the opportunity for Bruce to be a leader in the dairy industry, like he is in the building industry. He has served as President of the Michigan Jersey Cattle Club and still is a Director of that Association. He remains very involved with dairy youth shows and serves on the Michigan Purebred Dairy Cattle Association Committee.

Bruce has been married to Daire Moore Rendon for 40 years. They have two daughters, and three grandchildren. Bruce’s strong family ties and love of his culture help fuel his passion in other arenas of life like his career and leadership opportunities.

Bruce believes that the only way that you can have any influence is to get involved which can also be seen in his community involvement.



Bruce with his wife, Daire